Micro-variations detection system of electrical signals

The system for the detection and counting of the micro-variations of the electrical signals, μVar (Electrical Signal Micro-variations Detection and Counting System), with 8 or a multiple of 8 testing channels, allows the manual or semiautomatic performance of certain reliability tests with respect to the detection of the occurrence of micro-variations of some electrical signals. The activity for the detection of micro-variations is performed in a continuous manner and in the same time for all the measurement channels which form the entire system.

The electrical input signals in the μVar system can represent different measures of a phenomenon or process and the physical significance of the tested electrical signals is not limited to a certain scientific or industrial domain. The micro-variations of the electrical signals which are measured continuously could provide very important information with respect to the quality of the processes represented by the electrical signals which were measured. This type of testing is essential in order to provide maximum safety conditions for the interconnection systems in the telecommunications, auto, aero-spatial and medicine industry.

The main features of the product are:

  • Flexible and scalable structure: multi-channel power supply type c.c. with 8 or several channels, model MCCS and multi-channel detector-counter for the micro-variations of the electrical signals, model PDC;
  • The multi-channel source for common test current, the same for all test circuits, model MCCS or different from one test circuit to another, set-up software, model MCCSV;
  • The performance in semiautomatic or manual mode of the tests regarding the detection of the micro-variations of the electrical signals;
  • Software package, TestVar, for semiautomatic computer-assisted operation;
  • Connection to PC by USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface type of the electrical signal micro-variations detector-counter, PDC, instrument;
  • Easy acquisition, processing and interpretation of the test results;
  • Option for command and control of some additional equipment.
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