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Cryostst Systems

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    Janis Research, USA
  • SuperVariTemp Cryostat Systems – Sample in Flowing Vapor

    • The Janis Research SuperVariTemp (SVT) system is the basis for a variety of variable temperature cryostats. Offering quick sample exchange, an operational range of 1.5-300 K and highly efficient operation, this versatile system is often incorporated into Janis’ CNDT series dewars or, for maximum flexibility, this concept is applicable with virtually any dewar
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  • VariTemp Cryostat Systems – Sample in Exchange Gas

    • Variable temperature cryostats with the sample located in a column of static exchange gas
    • These systems offer excellent temperature stability and are used with LHe and LN2 as needed
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  • SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems – Sample in Vapor

    • Temperature Range 1.5-325K
    • Initial Cooldown Time 15 minutes(STVP series: 100-300) – 30 minutes (STVP-NMR)
    • Nominal Temperature Stability:50 mK or less
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  • SuperTran Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems-Sample in Vacuum

    • With an extensive range of field-proven applications and a worldwide installation base, Janis Research SuperTrans represent the state-of-the-art in continuous flow cryostat design
    • No vacuum pump required for temperatures over 4.2K
    • Highly flexible transfer line with a minimum 12″ bend radius
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