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Data Loggers

    Manufacturers List

    Elpro, SwitzerlandDataQ Instruments, USA

    • Network wireless data logger, 8-channel
    • LAN and USB connection
    • EU: 433 / 868 MHz
    • US: 915 MHz
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    • Data logger for T / RH
    • High-precision instrument ± 1.5 %RH, ± 0.2 °C
    • Reliable and proven design
    • User exchangeable probe
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  • Site Monitoring Kit

    • Ideal for single refrigerator / freezer monitoring
    • Easy to install, no tools required
    • Secure process incl. audiovisual alarming
    • Fulfills GLP / GMP requirements
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  • LIBERO Ti1-S

    • PDF Logger, single use
    • Multi-level-alarm (6 ranges)
    • Automatic PDF report with embedded data
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  • Ethernet Data Logger

    • Ethernet data loggers connect to either the Ethernet port of a computer, or to a local area network via an Ethernet switch. Ethernet data loggers provide the built-in intelligence to negotiate with the network for seamless integration, including support for fixed as well as DHCP IP address assignments
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  • 4-20 mA Current Loop Data Logger

    • 4-20 mA current loop data loggers capture sensor and control data that vary current as a function of measured parameters. Measurements from process current loops are popular in many applications for load, pressure, torque and other mechanical parameters
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  • Event Data Logger

    • Event data loggers do not monitor a continuously changing variable, like temperature, pressure and flow. They only detect when something happened, how long it happened, or how many times it happened
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  • Thermocouple Data Loggers

    • Thermocouples are rugged devices, inexpensive, and have a wide measurement range.These attributes make them very popular for temperature data logger applications.
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  • WiFi Data Logger

    • WiFi data loggers feature native WiFi connectivity that allows them to interface with standard WiFi routers. Once connected WiFi data loggers may communicate with other computers on the same network, or in some cases with cloud-based servers if the network provides Internet acces
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  • Voltage Data Logger

    • Voltage data logger products can adapt to any voltage measurement application that you might encounter. From pressure to torque and load to force, sensors convert mechanical properties to a voltage and our data loggers can record that information
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  • USB Data Logger

    • USB data loggers connect to the USB port of typically Windows PCs, but other platforms may be supported depending upon the specific product. The USB port provides the conduit for communication between the data logger and the computers, and in some cases also powers the device
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  • Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    • Temperature and humidity data loggers are among the most popular, and a range of product solutions exist to adapt to any application
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  • Temperature Data Logger

    • Temperature data loggers are extremely common, so DATAQ Instruments offers an array of product solutions to adapt to any temperature measurement application
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