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Low Level Measurements and Sourcing

    Manufacturers List

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    Keithley Instruments, USA
  • High Resistance Electrometers & Ohmmeters

    • Measure low current & high voltage, resistance, and charge
    • Resistance measurements to 10P ohm
    • Current sensitivity as low as 400aA
    • Voltage burden as low as 200µV
    • Superior accuracy and sensitivity
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  • Keithley Model 6482 Ammeter

    Low Current Meter & Picoammeter Systems

    • Measure current to <1fA
    • Voltage and resistance measurement options
    • Voltage burden <200µV (most models)
    • 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 digit resolution (most models)
    • Feedback ammeter design for higher accuracy
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  • Model 2750 DMM Keithley

    AC / DC Low Resistance Digital Multimeters

    • Resistance measurement ranges include 10n ohm -100M ohm
    • Resistance measurement sensitivity of 1µ ohm or 100n ohm
    • 3-1/2 digit to 7-1/2 digit resolution
    • Difference conductance measurements (622x/2182A)
    • Delta mode for low noise measurements (622x/2182A)
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  • Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter

    Low Voltage Meter (Nanovoltmeter)

    • Stable, low noise, voltage measurements
    • Also measures current, resistance, and temperature
    • Dual channels
    • Wide range of response time
    • Characterize low resistance materials and devices
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