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OFRIM Group provides high performance products and test & measurement systems, hardware and software, based on PC and not only. Our main customers come from the industry, institutes/laboratories for R&D and universities.

In 1993 we started as trade company for high performance Data Acquisition and Test & Measurement Systems and we continue to develop our Sales business area, now.

OFRIM Group by its Engineering business area is a full-service engineering design and contract manufacturing company specializing in electronics, electrical engineering and automated systems. .

We aim to be the best, the most powerful and always present where our clients need us or where we will have something valuable to offer.

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Ground Bond Loop and Joint The primary aim of electrical bonding on an aircraft is defined as the establishment of.. Read more

Our partner Tektronix just launched the new 5 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


With a remarkably innovative pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen user interface, the industry’s largest high-definition display, and 4, 6, or 8 FlexChannel™ inputs.. Read more

InterNET delivered, installed and integrated the TSC System at Bosch Suzhou, China


At the end of March 2017, a team from InterNET delivered and integrated an OEM system from InterNET SRL, model.. Read more

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