MK TEST’s Ground Bond Loop and Joint Test Systems

Ground Bond Loop and Joint

The primary aim of electrical bonding on an aircraft is defined as the establishment of a current path between electrical conductive parts, in order to assure electrical continuity allowing:

• Prevention of electrical shocks

• Fault detection
• Flow/escape of electrostatic charge and leakage currents
• Flow/escape of Lightning currents

MK Test’s portable BLTU Bond and Loop Test Unit offers computer controlled automatic testing of bond circuits and logging of test results. The BLTU offers full results: traceability, paperless process, operator guidance through the test process, and guaranteed accuracy.

• Automatic testing and operator guidance
• Massive time saving
• Automatic test sequence generation
• Automatic logging and reporting of test results

Good electrical bonds across key structural and metallic components are essential, to ensure safe earthing, and to guard against damage from extreme events such as lightning strikes.

Loop resistance testing (LRT) has become more of an issue in the aircraft industry, with the move away from physical connections between the pilot and control surfaces on the wings and tail. In their place, fly by wire controls now rely on electrical connections for their successful action.

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