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Partners. They trust us

Our partners, or our suppliers, are complementary to each other, but manage to create a compact offer regarding engineering (electrical and electronic measurements, test and measurement systems, industrial and scientific automation, hardware and software for PC), solar energy and eMobility systems and educational systems.

In 1994, our first partner was Keithley Instruments, Inc., USA and all that followed was an addition to our initial offer.

Our current partners are:

Test & Measurement

  1. AMETEK Programmable Power, USA,
  2. FormFactor / Cascade Microtech, USA,
  3. HIOKI E.E. Corporation, Japan.
  4. Tektronix / Keithley Instruments, USA,
  5. NF Corporation, Japan,
  6. OPAL-RT, Canada,
  7. POWERSYS Solutions, France,
  8. Puissance+, France,
  9. Pendulum, Sweden,
  10. Stanford Research Systems, USA,
  11. Transmille, UK,


  1. AMETEK Programmable Power, USA,
  2. Tektronix / Keithley Instruments, USA,
  3. Lake Shore Cryotronics / Janis Research, USA,
  4. Stanford Research Systems, USA,

QA & Compliance

  1. Ikonix USA / Associated Research, USA,
  2. Ikonix USA / Associated Power Technologies, USA,
  3. Ikonix USA / SCI, USA,
  4. MK Test Systems, UK,

Data Acquisition

  1. DataQ Instruments, USA,
  2. Eagle Technology, South Africa,
  3. AVEVA / InduSoft, UK,
  4. Microstar Laboratories, USA,

Solar Energy

  1. PowerFilm Solar, USA,
  2. Voltaic Systems, USA,
  3. Imeon Energy, France,
  4. PureDrive Energy, UK,
  5. Soltigua, Italy,

Electro Mobility

  1. Virta, Finland,
  2. Alfen, Netherlands,


  1. Elettronica Veneta, Italy,
  2. OPAL-RT, Canada,
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