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1. Distribution

For over 27 years, OFRIM Group has provided, in Romania and other 12 SE European countries, instruments, complex test and measurement systems, custom hardware and software engineering services for its customers in electrical and electronics industries, automotive, research and development and much more.

In the area we activate, we are the only authorized distributor for several world renowned companies, grouped in the following categories:

  1. Test and measurement systems
  2. Complex systems for research and development
  3. Data acquisition systems and automation
  4. Industrial engineering
  5. Solar energy and electromobility
  6. Educational systems

2. Engineering

OFRIM Group, through its engineering activity, is an experienced provider for custom integrated hardware and software systems for electrical and electronics fields, automotive, physics and dedicated solutions for producing and harnessing solar energy.

We excel at identifying, designing and implementing high efficient solutions that improve productivity and profitability in a variety of fields and applications. Moreover, we are original equipment manufacturers for test and measurement, control and quality check.

Our core capabilities and services are grouped as follows:

2.1 Research and Development

2.2 Custom hardware and software integration

2.3 Microproduction of proprietary systems

2.4 Services

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Service and metrology
  • Investment and development consulting
  • Electrical and electronics consulting
  • Support and partnership in Research and Development
  • Support and partnership in production and operation

3. Solar energy and electromobility

  • Distribution of equipments for harnessing, management, storage and use of electric energy from renewable sources.
  • Consulting, design and implementation of dedicated systems based on renewable energy.
  • Applications and infrastructure for electromobility.

4. Educational

  • Distribution of eductional systems
  • Software for educational activities
  • Consulting for educational infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of complex educational systems
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