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Power Amplifiers

    Manufacturers List

    NF Corporation, Japan
  • Light Chopper – 5584A

    • The 5584A is used in conjunction with lock-in amplifiers in optical measurements
    • Chopping frequency : 4Hz to 400Hz or 40Hz to 4kHz
    • Equipped with reference signal output for lock-in amplifiers
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  • Preamplifier

    • NF has a variety of low noise preamplifiers for measuring small signals
    • With its performance, functions and operability, this programmable current amplifier supports the current amplification of signals from a variety of current output sensors
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  • Lock-in Amplifier

    • Detecting and measuring AC signal’s amplitude or phase buried in noise, as high sensitive AC Voltmeter with noise immunity
    • This equipment is used by many customers like at the fields of physics and science including spectroscopic analysis
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