InterNET delivered, installed and integrated the TSC System at Bosch Suzhou, China

At the end of March 2017, a team from InterNET delivered and integrated an OEM system from InterNET SRL, model TSC-24, at Bosch Automotive Products, from Souzhou, China, as a result of the collaboration between InterNET SRL and Bosch, Germany.

TSC-24 is a 24 Channel system for measuring the electrical resistance of a connector’s contacts and detects the resistance micro variations during lifetime tests, EOL, etc.  The test system is configurable, programmable and expandable in terms of number of channels or measured electrical contacts and testing procedures. It represents an improved version of the previous versions delivered to ELBA SA, Timisoara, (according to Renault’s test procedure) and Bosch Rexroth, Blaj (according to Bosch’s test procedure)

In order to make regular procedures for calibration and metrological verification, the TSC-24 system includes a multiplexing subsystem model SWS-24, company’s Internet SRL OEM product, which automatically allows the use of a Tektronix AFG model 31xx signal generator, and a Keithley model 2750 multimeter to individually check the 24 measuring channels of contact resistance and detection and counting the input signals’ micro variations.

The software products used to perform lifetime tests, or the procedures for calibration or metrological verification, TSC_v2, respectively TSC_Cal_v2, allow the user to automatically configure and modify the structure of measuring channel’s list, of each sequence, parameters and stage of the testing process, also the verification and automatic updating of the calibration constants for each measuring channel.