LoadRES 16 Air-cooled Programmable DC Resistive Load Bank

The Programmable Single Phase Resistive Load Bank, LoadRES 16, is a portable indoor up to 16 steps resistive load bank which offers to the users a robust, high capacity structure, operator console with intelligent operator manually or automatically controls.

The structure of LoadRES 16 includes the following main sections:

– Power resistance blocks;

– High current switches;

– High current and electronic control wiring;

– Temperature and ventilation functionality monitoring and control subsystem;

– Electronic Control Unit, ECU, which includes two microcontroller processing units.

– Console Operator;


The load can manage up to 16 pieces of “power resistance block” with up to 1200W each. The LoadRES 16 may be placed in parallel for increased current and power or in series for increased voltage.

The LoadRES 16 has a self-diagnosis processing unit to maintain instrument performance. It also provides over temperature protection, real-time ventilation functionality control system and alarm indicating overvoltage, OV, to guarantee quality and reliability for even in the most demanding engineering testing and ATE applications.DS 014EN Programmable resistive load bank 08_2017

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