Lake Shore Cryotonics – the latest characterization system news

THz system installed at Brown

Lake Shore Cryotonics is excited to announce the delivery of the first 8500 Series THz material characterization system to a customer.

Installed in the Brown University Mittleman Lab this spring, the system will be used primarily to study THz-frequency magneto-optical responses of semimetals, iron-based superconductors, and other novel materials.

The 8500 Series is the industry’s first commercially available product to combine continuous wave (CW) THz spectroscopy and a high-field cryostat to create a reliable tool for researching the far infrared properties of new materials.

The delivery of this first production system was the culmination of more than four years of product development, beta site testing, and refinement by Lake Shore and our partner institutions.

We look forward to seeing how it aids the Mittleman group in their work.

High frequency device characterization

If you’re currently using a probe station for microwave probing, you might be interested in knowing about a new way to measure at even higher frequencies—up to 220 GHz—in a cryogenically cooled probing environment.

The major challenge involved, that is, getting the higher frequencies to travel significantly longer signal paths from the frequency extender outside of the probe station to device under test inside of the thermally controlled vacuum chamber.