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Photovoltaic Cell Testing

The solutions for characterizing solar cells based on the Tektronix / Keithley products, such as 2400 and 2600 SourceMeter® Series (I-V testing) and 4200-SCS system (I-V and C-V testing), provide the most accurate measurements available without the hassles of integrating separate instruments or writing complicated programs.

Some main characteristics of 2400 and 2600 SourceMeter® Series are as follows:
– 4-quadrant design
– Source and sink capability for complete I-V
– All-in-one solution for I-V characterization with the combined functionality of a precision power supply, high precision DMM, and electronic load
– Wide range of system integration capabilities to create complex test & measurement systems for photovoltaic cell characterization

You can see in the pictures below the model 2400 SourceMeter® included into a solar simulator (Class A+AA) manufactured by OAI, USA. Some of the system’s features are:
– I-V measurement
– Temperature control and stabilization
– Power meter and calibrated cell

The 4200-SCS system offers, additionally, the following technical characteristics:
– C-V and Pulse characterization capabilities
– Integrated and specialized software package
– Multifunction and scalable hardware mainframe
– Turnkey solution capabilities

By request, our Engineering Department is ready to develop and integrate any customized T&M systems for your actual and future I-V, C-V and Pulse characterization needs.

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