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Ethernet Data Acquisition

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    DataQ Instruments, USAEagle Technology, South Africa
  • DI-5001-E5 OEM Ethernet Data Acquisition Board

    • Ethernet interface supports Distributed Synchronous Data Acquisition
    • ±0.625 to ±5 V programmable ranges
    • 32 Analog Input Channels
    • Eight each discrete inputs and outputs
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  • DL-7XX Series

    • DATAQ Instruments offers a wide range of Ethernet data acquisition products for any application and budget with both stand-alone or PC-connected deployment options. Included software acquires, displays, reviews, and exports data with ease and without programming
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  • Ethernet Data Acquisition

    • Eagle Technology is proud to announce its new range of IP Data Acquisition products.These products introduce an ethernet interface to our MicroDAQ family of products and allow them to be used on an IP ethernet network
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