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Source and Measure

    Listă producători

    Kepco, USAKeithley Instruments, USA
  • Series BOP-GL

    • The BOP High Power models are controlled digitally from a front panel keypad or either of the built-in standard remote interfaces, either GPIB or RS 232, to set voltage or current and the four protection limits (+voltage, -voltage, +current and -current)
    • A large LCD displays the settings, mode of operation and the actual output voltage and current
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    • The BOP High Power are true 4-quadrant programmable voltage and current power supplies
    • 4-quadrant operation means that they are capable of both sourcing and sinking power
    • These bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero to provide ± voltage and ± current
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  • BOP Series

    • Kepco’s bipolar BOP power supplies are available in 100W, 200W and 400W sizes
    • For applications requiring higher power, see Kepco’s 1KW High Power BOP
    • For applications requiring higher voltage, Kepco’s Series BOP-HV are available in 500V and 1000V models
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  • 2400 Series

    • Five instruments in one (IV Source, IVR Measure)
    • Seven models: 20 – 100W DC, 1000W pulsed, 1100V to 1«V, 10A to 10pA
    • 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 5½-digit resolution
    • 1700 readings/second at 4½ digits via GPIB
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  • 2600 Series

    • Wide dynamic range: 10A pulse to 0.1fA and 200V to 100nV
    • TSP (Test Script Processing) technology
    • TSP-Link expansion technology for multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe
    • Software emulation for Keithley’s Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument
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