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    Stanford Research Systems, USA
  • SR552 — BJT input preamplifier

    • The SR552 Voltage Preamplifier is designed to work with SRS lock-in amplifiers, providing gain where it is needed most—right at the experiment
    • 1.4 nV/√Hz input noise
    • BJT input, 100 kΩ input impedance
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  • SR554 Transformer Preamplifier

    • The SR554 is a low-noise, transformer-coupled preamplifier optimized for source impedances between 0.05 Ω and 1 kΩ.
    • Transformer-coupled input
    • 0.1 nV/√Hz input noise
    • Gain of 100 or 500
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  • SR570 Current Preamplifier

    • The SR570 is a low-noise current preamplifier capable of current gains as large as 1 pA/V
    • 5 fA/√Hz input noise
    • 1 MHz maximum bandwidth
    • 1 pA/V maximum gain
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  • SR560 Voltage Preamplifier

    • The SR560 is a high-performance, low-noise preamplifier that is ideal for a wide variety of applications including low-temperature measurements, optical detection, and audio engineering
    • 4 nV/√Hz input noise
    • 1 MHz bandwidth
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