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Signal & Waveform Generators

    Listă producători

    NF Corporation, JapanStanford Research Systems, USAKeithley Instruments, USA
  • Clock Synthesizer CK1615 / CK1620

    • CLOCK SYNTHESIZER is high speed digital signal(square wave)generator
    • High speed and high resolution
    • High accuracy
    • Variable output voltage
    • Low jitter output
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  • Function Generator / Function Synthesizer

    • NF‘s function generators have been used in many applications, since NF produced the first Japan-built function generator in 1959
    • NF’s Function Generator / Function Synthesizer provide a high level of functions and high accuracy, using digital direct synthesis (DDS)
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  • RF Signal Generators

    • DC to 2 GHz, 4 GHz or 6 GHz
    • Presets for GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA, APCO-25, DECT, NADC, PDC, ATSC-DTV and TETRA
    • ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, VSB & custom I/Q
    • Dual baseband arb generators
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  • Model 2520 Pulsed Laser Diode Test System w/ Remote Test Head

    • Simplifies laser diode LIV testing prior to packaging or active temperature control
    • Integrated solution for in-process LIV production testing of laser diodes at the chip or bar level
    • Combines high accuracy source and measure capabilities for pulsed and DC testing
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  • Model 6221 AC and DC Current Source

    • Source and sink (programmable load) 100fA to 100mA
    • 65000-point source memory allows executing comprehensive test current sweeps directly from the current source
    • Built-in RS-232, GPIB, Trigger Link, and digital I/O interfaces
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  • 3390 Arbitrary Function Generator & Waveform Generators

    • 50MHz sine wave frequency
    • Frequency sweep and burst capability
    • Arbitrary waveform generator with 256k-point, 14-bit resolution
    • Precision pulses and square waves with fast (5ns) rise/fall times
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