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    Listă producători

    Stanford Research Systems, USANF Corporation, Japan
  • SR600 Series — Elliptical filters

    • Two independent filter channels
    • 115 dB/octave rolloff
    • 1 Hz to 100 kHz frequency range
    • 0.1 dB passband ripple
    • 6 nV/√Hz input noise
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  • Multichannel Filter (built-in module)

    • Resister Tunable Filter is a CR active filter which can control the cut-off (or center) frequency with externally connected resistors
    • Voltage Tunable Filter features frequency control by means of external applied voltage
    • Programmable Filter Cut-off frequency is controlled with an external logic signal
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  • Mix-tape Band-pass Filter

    • The DV-12 is a bandpass filter with a center frequency which is selectable over eight points. Combined with a mix-tape where several frequencies’ sinewaves are multirecorded, this model enables adjustment and inspection of a cassette tape recorder.
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  • CD Player Evaluating Filter

    • The 3346A enables an effective measuring of signal/noise ratio, dynamic range, harmonic distortion ratio, channel separation and cross modulation distortion rartio prescribed by the measuring standard for CD Player
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  • Variable Cut-off Frequency Filter

    • Cut-off frequency can be set to the required one
    • Selectable frequency response
    • 0dB or 20dB selectable passband gain
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