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RF Immunity & Emissions GTEM/TEM Cells and Strip Lines

    Manufacturers List

    Teseq, Switzerland
  • DTEM

    • The transversal electromagnetic mode which can developed in the DTEM cell, provides the opportunity for doing EMC testing inside the cell
    • In principle, the DTEM cell is a coaxial line expanding rectangularly and with planar septum
    • TEM cell meets ISO 11452-3 and CISPR 25
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  • GTEM Series

    • The GTEM cell is, in principle, a tapered coaxial line (offset septum plate), which is terminated by a combination of discrete resistors and RF absorbers to achieve a broadband match
    • Designed for EMC applications, calibration of antennas/field probes, test and measuring of mobile phones and screening measuring of material.
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