Optimize your research lab for discovery – 150mm Probe Systems

Supporting Your Journey from the Theoretical to the Factual

All good science demands that theory be validated through experiment, and the semiconductor field is
no exception. Contemporary device technology demands extremely precise, repeatable measurements
to validate new ideas. Within this context, wafer probing becomes a vital link in the test and measurement process.

Engineering research facilities may engage in a wide diversity of technical pursuits, but they share a
common set of needs when it comes to test and measurement: they all require equipment that delivers
maximum performance, yet remains easily accessible and usable—all the while providing the highest
possible confidence level in test results.

In response, Cascade Microtech offers application packages based on the MPS150 manual probe platform.
Each package is targeted at a specific test and measurement application area. You can choose a pre-
configured solution that fits your specific needs and gets you up and running with a minimum of setup time.

We also offer a diversity of ownership options to fit your specific requirements.

Combining superior performance with ease of use

Our modular 150 mm probe station provides this link with a platform designed to readily adapt to your
lab environment.

The MPS150 probe platform’s modular architecture can be designed to accommodate your
specific applications with unmatched electrical and mechanical precision.

A variety of chuck types, probe arms, and microscope stages combine with an adjustable platen to present an optimized probe environment for virtually any test and measurement scenario.

The MPS150 can be customized to readily integrate third-party instrumentation with a System Integration for Measurement Accuracy (SIGMA™) kit that is tested to ensure immediate, successful operation.

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