Clamp On Earth Tester FT6381

The new Hioki FT6381 brings measurements to your Smartphone

Our partner, Hioki E.E. Corporation, Japan, launched the Clamp On Earth Tester FT6381, an innovative instrument capable of instantly creating measurement reports in the field using an Android phone via a Bluetooth wireless technology.
Extremely useful for field technicians, FT6381 enables both accurate earth resistance measurements for earth cables and efficient management of measured data. Data are stored locally on the Smartphone and served on request to any mailbox along with timestamp and geolocation.

Advantages of Hioki FT6381
With this smart device you benefit both from its enhanced measurement capabilities and its data management features. FT6381 provides:

  • Easy clamping at the narrowest point
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Large storage capacity
  • Alarm functions

The user app that can be downloaded from Google Play enables:

  • Real time data transfer from FT6381 to Smartphone
  • Multiple measurement values storage
  • Automatic report generation on your Android Smartphone
  • Data transfer via email

Principal Applications suitable for Clamp On Earth Tester FT6381 are:

  • Hazardous Storage Tanks
  • Transmission Towers

Discover more about Clamp On Earth Tester FT6381 by downloading the datasheet.